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The Island Personality Test (Answers to Questions)

The following is an analysis of your answers. A description of what each question is meant to discover about your personality (your dreams, desires, innermost wishes) is listed as follows:

  1. This question is meant to uncover where in the world you desire to live. For example, did you see palm trees and tropical vegetation (if so, you desire to live in a warm, tropical climate) or was the island more temperate and not as lush (if so, you desire to live in a cooler, temperate climate)?

  2. This question deals with how you feel about your body. If you washed ashore with few, if any, clothes on, then you have a very healthy open outlook towards your body. On the other hand, if you washed ashore fully clothed, then you have a more closed outlook towards your body (e.g. you are more conservative).

  3. This question deals with how you view life. If you envisioned an island that was lush and green, then you view life as rich and plentiful. However, if you viewed an island that was desolate (barren), then you view life the same way.

  4. This questions deals with your priorities in life. It basically delves into what type of person you are. For example, if your first task was to look for other survivors, then you have a caring and humanitarian type of personality. On the other hand, if you wanted to find something to eat it could mean that you are more consumed with your own survival (and more self-centered).

  5. This questions deals with your life. It tries to answer the question: Is your life planned and is the path to your goals clearly marked out? If you envisioned an almost impossible path to the center of the island and you were nearly unable to reach the center of the island, then it means your life is unplanned and you are going nowhere. You are fighting life at every moment. A clearly marked path into the center of the island indicates someone who has his or her life planned out and moves forward to achieve whatever needs to be accomplished. If you had to slowly hack your way into the island, then you are someone who has many obstacles still to face before you find your life's purpose.

  6. This question deals with what you expect from life: What are your needs? Are your needs simple or extravagant?

  7. This question deals with life and its many barriers. How do you handle these barriers? A locked front door, for example, is a sign that you have many difficulties in life and encounter many obstacles, many of which you cannot seem to surmount.

  8. This question deals with whether your life is highly or loosely structured and whether you view your life as elaborate or poor. A house that has an interior with many rooms would indicate a highly-structured life whereas an interior with few rooms would indicate a loosely-structured life. Also, an interior with sparse furnishings and blank walls would indicate that you view life as bleak and sparse. On the other hand, if you viewed the interior of the house richly decorated with paintings on the walls, and so on, then you view your life as being rich and plentiful.

  9. This questions deals with your views towards sex. To put it bluntly, if you jumped into the water, you enjoy sex and are very sensuous. If you walked around the water you do not like sex. If you waded into the water for a bit, then left, it would indicate someone who is afraid of sex.

  10. This question deals with how you view death. If you saw a wall that was insurmountable, then you view death as something that is unknown and something that makes you afraid. If you viewed a wall that you could climb onto the top and then look over the top of the wall, you view life in healthy terms: You do not fear death and you are willing to seek whatever destiny lays ahead.